Opening doors for you

Open Courses

If you don’t have specific learning requirements, and you simply wish to improve your general skills, then our open-group General, Business, Legal and Academic English courses may be just for you.

These courses offer the following advantages:

  • Economy - Lessons are considerably more economical than private tuition because you are sharing the cost.
  • Interaction - This, we believe, is a very important factor. In learning any language, it is important to have as much class-time interaction as possible, not just with your tutor but with your fellow learners. Doing pair- and group-work is an important part of our open-group lessons.
  • Social opportunities - Meet new people similar to you: they are doing the same course, at much the same level. You can share notes, help each other with homework (yes, we do give a bit!) or just have someone to go for a coffee with after class!

Frequency & Duration

Preparation courses for IELTS are being offered starting Autumn 2016 [details soon]. These courses are 40 hours in duration (20 x 2-hr. sessions) over 10 weeks.

Courses in Legal English, academic and business exam preparation, and various areas of Business English are also offered subject to demand. These courses vary in length, but typically range from 30 to 40 hours.

Very shortly, we will be posting details of our autumn 2016 program, starting in October.


Courses are normally held between 17.00 and 21.00, but morning and weekend courses are also possible subject to demand.


- General English courses are run at all levels, from Beginner through to Proficiency. For more information on levels, please click here.

- Business English courses are normally aimed at lower-intermediate (B1) and upwards.

- Please note, all learners are required to take a placement test before being assigned to a course.


At present, all our open courses are held at our Eroii Revolutiei premises (Blvd. Pieptanari 12-B, Ap 6). In the future, we plan to run courses at other locations also.

Please call us for further information on dates and times of courses, so that we can enroll you on a course that best suits your requirements.