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What is TOLES?

  • TOLES is the Test of Legal English Skills, one of only two internationally recognized examinations in Legal English


  • TOLES is designed by lawyers for lawyers, not by language academics with little real knowledge of the legal profession’s demands
  • TOLES is a written exam, designed to test the very skills that are in demand – namely the ability to use and apply authentic legal English in letters, contracts and other documents
  • The main emphasis is on accuracy, not fluency – this distinction is vital in a legal environment
  • TOLES is internationally recognized, and is an excellent addition to the CV of any professional wishing to work in the legal, political, diplomatic or corporate arenas

Who can take TOLES?

TOLES is suitable for

  • Lawyers
  • Law students
  • Legal executives
  • Notaries
  • Legal translators/interpreters
  • Public officials
  • Executives in large companies

What level of English is required?

  • There are three levels at which TOLES can be taken: Foundation (CEFRL A2/B1), Higher (CEFRL B1-C1) and Advanced (CEFRL B2-C2)

Who recognizes TOLES?

  • Government & official bodies, e.g. The Law Society of England & Wales, European Court of Justice, European Central Bank, the International Criminal Court and Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Law associations such as the European Law Students Association and the Brussels Bar Association
  • Leading multinational corporations, including KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Linklater, Oppenhoff & Radler, Qatar Petrochemical Corp, Dupont, Siemens and Sony Ericsson – among others