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English Language Audit

Rather than provide language courses for your employees, perhaps you have decided to hire people who already have good English skills. From an economic point of view, this can often make sense. However, there are still two problems that must be addressed:

- You are not sure what exactly constitutes ‘good English skills’. How do you test those candidates? Many employers have hired people they thought had good English skills, only to discover later that they had been mistaken, and that those employees’ skills were not so good after all.

- Even when an employee has good general English skills, these may not be sufficient, and that employee may be lacking in some specific skills that are very much needed in his new role within your organization. For example, someone who speaks English very well may have very poor writing skills, or someone who wrote a great covering letter and CV turns out to be weak at making presentations or is lacking in confidence.

In such a scenario, Key English offers a testing service that overcomes those two problems.

First of all, we can provide a variety of professional tests, including some that are internationally recognized, to accurately and fairly assess a candidate’s skills. We will test all skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – as you require, and furnish you with a detailed report outlining not only that candidate’s level, but also his relative strengths and weakness, with some advice on how can initiate your own improvement and development strategies.

In accordance with your specific job requirements, we can design and conduct special-skills tests in order to accurately assess whether a candidate possesses the specialized skills and competencies required for a particular job. These could include, for example, a short PowerPoint presentation, a selection of scenarios in which to write an effective email, or telephone speaking tests built around the exact job requirements.