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English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) comprises a range of English Language applications for specialized areas and sectors such as

  • English for Banking & Finance
  • Legal English
  • English for the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Technical English
  • English for Tourism
  • English for Call Centers
  • Medical English
  • English for Aviation
  • English for the Construction Industry
  • English for Accounting
  • English for Management
  • English for HR Professionals

We provide closed-group and one-to-one courses that are especially suitable for companies and organizations.

We can provide training and/or coaching programs that cover the following skills, individually or in combination:

  • Presentations in English
  • Conducting negotiations & meetings
  • Correspondence writing
  • Report writing
  • Telephone English
  • English and customer-service

These are just examples of skills in which we can provide training, and we invite you to contact us to discuss your particular requirements. We have a great deal of experience in designing specialized courses to suit our clients’ specific needs, and we are confident that we can provide training that will maximize your language effectiveness or that of your personnel.

Most of our ESP trainers, in addition to being professional trainers, are qualified in specific vocational areas also. For example, our Legal English courses are designed and delivered by a qualified lawyer, and our teaching team also represents backgrounds in areas such as economics, HR and tourism. This gives our trainers an acute understanding of the language needs and applications of business professionals.