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What We Offer

At Key English, we offer

  • Well-qualified, experienced trainers, including native English speakers, mostly with a background in business, law or corporate training
  • A focus on teaching business language skills for practical use in the modern workplace
  • An understanding of the real issues involved in teaching business and professional English, based on our own extensive, cross-cultural experience
  • A task-based approach, that involves learning through interesting, practical activities related to the real business world
  • High-quality materials using tailor-made texts and worksheets – most of which are produced in-house - for our specialized courses
  • For more general English courses and for test preparation, we use recognized English teaching materials, including Longman, Macmillan, Cambridge, OUP and Pearson
  • Familiarity with the requirements of all the major tests, e.g. LCCI, IELTS, TOLES
  • Comprehensive placement test given to all new learners
  • Regular monitoring of progress – formal tests & informal assessment (class exercises & trainer evaluation)
  • Maximum class size 12 learners for open-group courses
  • Irish management with 20+ years of experience
  • Accredited centre for TOLES and LCCI examinations
  • Continually evolving use of technology and social media, to keep up with new trends in learning and training