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Copy-editing & Proofreading

OUR SERVICE If you have an already-written text, but you feel that it needs polishing up, a ‘once over’ by us could make an enormous difference. For a pretty modest outlay, you will get a text that you will be proud to use in public – not something that could embarrass you and your business. We can do

  • Websites
  • Legal texts, e.g. contracts, powers-of-attorney, notices
  • Academic articles
  • Important letters
  • CVs/resumes

In addition, we can advise on copyright, exposure to defamation claims, and other legal issues.


Nothing leaves a poor impression faster than a badly-written text full of grammatical errors and badly-chosen, inappropriate wording. Sometimes, texts are so badly written that they are impossible to understand. Particularly bad are the translations done by online translation tools, which were never designed for the purpose of creating text – only helping us to understand what is already written.

However, another reason for poor-quality text is that it is written by someone who is a non-native speaker of the language. While their speaking skills may be good (or sometimes not), unless they have native-level proficiency, they will simply not be able to produce high-quality writing. Trying to save money using a DIY approach to writing, will probably cost more in the end through poor public perception of the business, especially when dealing with potential clients from overseas.

Think about this: even a text written by a native speaker of a language needs to be ‘tidied up’ and polished – never mind something written by a machine!

In the professional translating industry, translations are normally either done by a native speakers of the target language, or sent to one for proofreading & editing.


Whether you merely require a simple proofread to get rid of spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes, or a large-scale editing job to make the whole text more presentable, we are in a position to help. In every editing job we do, we painstakingly eliminate all the common errors and poor writing practices. The end result is a high-quality, professional-looking text that will perfectly serve the purpose for which it was written.


All you have to do is send us your rough text (strictest confidentiality assured), stating what you would like done, i.e. simple proofread, full edit or even a re-write, and we will give you an estimate of both time and cost. Once we receive proof of payment (or even part-payment for bigger jobs), we will then start work, and at every stage, we will consult with you to ensure that what we write is exactly what you want. We are always happy to provide samples of what we can do.

Our rates are competitive, mainly thanks to our fast turnaround time, and we can easily be paid from most parts of the world by direct bank transfer or, for smaller jobs, through Skrill.

Feel free to contact us to find out more.