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Values & Ethics


To provide high quality, specialized English language and communications training to the business and professional sectors.



We see ourselves playing an increasingly important role in English language business communications sector in Romania, where the focus will be on quality, on increasing specialization and on added value.



Quality: We believe that the client deserves the highest possible quality, and we aim to reflect this in everything we do: training delivery, coaching, learning materials, testing, feedback and trainer selection/allocation

Value: Although we are mainly focused on quality, we also remain competitive because the client always deserves value for his money

Fairness: All our evaluation and assessment processes are fair and transparent, and are designed to reflect a learner’s true abilities

Feedback: Every trainee and learner is entitled to an accurate assessment of his performance, his level, and his strengths and weaknesses

Accountability: We are fully accountable to our clients who, by employing our services, are placing a high level of responsibility on our shoulders

Client-driven approach: All our training courses are designed with the client’s specific requirements as the guiding force



Our quality assurance ethos is centered on a number of core principles:

  • We will provide you with every possible opportunity and assistance to develop your skills and to reach your learning goals and objectives
  • We adhere rigidly to the contracts that we sign with our clients – unless the client wishes to make a change, in which case we are extremely flexible
  • Training and coaching programs and courses – apart from open (i.e. public) groups – are tailor-made to the individual client’s requirements
  • All our courses and programs are normally designed by the Director or Head Trainer, and are subject to regular review
  • We do our best to assign suitable trainers to courses and students, using each trainer’s strengths to best advantage
  • Trainers and coaches are subject to regular observation, monitoring, and ongoing professional development
  • All new trainees are required to complete an English language placement test; even those who feel they are at a very low level are requested to take this test, because very often people underestimate their own abilities
  • We encourage open and honest feedback from our clients so we can continue to improve the product. Our motto is, “If you’re happy, we want to know; if you’re not, we need to know”