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Bad writting is everywear.

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When you read some thing, do you notice how many errors their is, such as poor spelling, misuse of grammar and no question marks. They probably making a bad impression on you. They make a bad impression on everyone else to! Apart of grammatical, speling and punctuality, mistakes, there are also many other features of bad writing. Repetition is one example. People tend to repeat themselves, saying the same thing over and over, again and again. And, of course, they use far more words than it is really necessary for them to use in order to say to us what they want to say to us.

Not to mention badly constructed paragraphs that occur inappropriately.

And let’s not get started on long paragraphs. Then there’s the plethora of unwieldy lexicographical utilization and not-uncommon double-negatives that give rarely fail to writing an aura of being pretentious and, through the employment of excessive verbosity, inaccessible. Excessively abundant use of adverbs and adjectives is, annoyingly, another common and completely unnecessary cause of irritation, and useless adjectives in particular are an especially pointless waste-of-time. Examples of redundant adjectives and adverbs include ‘PIN numbers’ (how many of us have a Personal Identification Number Number?), ‘young children laughing happily’ (so much nicer than very old children laughing miserably), and ‘driving fast at high-speed’ (much safer to crawl at high-speed). One of the most common features of poor writing, however, is the long sentence that contains lots of relative pronouns, which simply confuse the reader, who is trying, with what can only be described as great difficulty, to make sense of a text that is difficult to follow, which difficulty is not at all eased in any way by the inordinate length of the sentence and which furthermore leaves the reader, by the time he gets to the end of that sentence, actually forgetting what the sentence was meant to be about in the first place.

Last but not least, is the horrible habit some people have of using CAPITAL LETTERS, WHICH MAKES IT LOOK LIKE THEY ARE SHOUTING.