Opening doors for you

English is a key requirement for success in today’s world, being the dominant medium of communication in business, law, medicine, technology and international education.

Being able to communicate in English is a very important skill in itself. However, in the 21st century world of specialization, it is vital that we are able to apply our knowledge of English to a variety of practical business tasks and study skills in a practical, accurate and effective manner. This applies whether we are dealing with colleagues, customers/clients, management, employees, partners, suppliers or investors.

At Key English, we offer a range of business language and communication skills that will help you in developing your career, improve the effectiveness and confidence of your workforce, or add value to your business – whether you are a small startup, an SME or a multinational organization.

These skills include

- Writing effective emails, memos and reports

- Holding productive meetings

- Meeting and greeting clients and guests

- Making high-level presentations

- Negotiating important deals

- Taking and dealing with customer enquiries and orders (telephone and in person)

- Responding to customer issues and complaints


We don’t just teach you English – we show you how to use it for work and business success.