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Legal English

Given the increasingly internationalized nature of legal practice today, English is fast becoming an essential skill for any law professional. In fact, Legal English skills are now in greater demand than ever, not just by the legal profession, but among translators, notaries, financial and business personnel, and government office staff.

Our Legal English courses are taught by an Irish qualified lawyer who is also a highly experienced language trainer.

In addition to developing an extensive legal vocabulary, you will learn how to apply your English skills to the legal environment and workplace.

Our Legal English modules cover

  • Legal terminology
  • Drafting contracts & other documents
  • Different models of legal letter
  • Reading & understanding different kinds of law-related texts, e.g., Articles, reports, contracts & academic treatises
  • Negotiations
  • Grammatical & syntactical structures and issues particularly relevant to legal documents and general legal use

All materials used by us are specially prepared by and for law professionals, using authentic legal texts and materials.


Key English is one of only two TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) centres in Romania. Full details about the TOLES exam can be found on the official TOLES website.

As a TOLES centre, we place a very special emphasis on quality Legal English training.