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Writing & Drafting

We’ll keep this simple. If you want your point made effectively (without boring the reader senseless) then you must choose your words very carefully.

Or, you can let us choose your words for you. Why? Because we are good. Of course, you don’t believe this. We don’t expect you to, because a lot of other people say the same about themselves.

However, we invite you to give us a small work sample for a free trial, so you can see for yourself.

We apply the 4-C principle to everything we write:

  • Comprehensiveness – Say everything that must be said
  • Conciseness and nothing more
  • Clarity – Say it simply & clearly
  • Creativity – Make it interesting & worth reading (OK, maybe we can do more with a holiday brochure than an instruction manual, but you get our drift!)

Whatever your writing requirements, we can help you.

We do

  • LEGAL & OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS (Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Undertakings, etc.) *

among many other jobs.

Are you still with us? OK, then we’re probably doing something right!

We don’t worry about Copyscape, simply because everything we do is truly original. We don’t plagiarize other people’s work.

Last but not least, our prices are competitive. And we can be very easily paid from any part of the world through Skrill.

Why not contact us for a free chat and a sample of what we can do?


* All of our legal/official document drafting is done by qualified lawyers