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Becoming an Au Pair

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Some frequently asked questions

What is an Au Pair?

An Au Pair lives abroad with a host family, supporting them with childcare and some light housework duties in exchange for free board and lodging as well as a monetary allowance for personal use. Our au pair program is designed for young people from 18 pina la 30 years old. Specific tasks and responsibilities can vary from family to family but they normally include taking care of children, including school runs, taking them to afternoon activities, homework help, preparing meals and snacks and organizing their free time. Au pairs typically work part-time and they often combine it with studying part-time, normally learning the language of the host country.

Benefits of being an Au Pair

Au pairs are typically welcomed as a member of a host family, receive a private bedroom for the duration of their stay and eat together with the family. Au pairs also receive a monthly allowance or ‘pocket money’. One of the key features of the program is education as au pairs normally take language classes and enjoy opportunities to practice a foreign language with the host family to support the learning process. Being an au pair presents a great opportunity not only to explore new countries and cultures, but to also to take on new responsibilities and gain valuable experience for the future. Moreover, an au pair program is a great opportunity to make new friends and build long lasting relationships.

How to become an Au Pair

The first step is to think about which country you could like to spend your au pair year. Remember, each country has its own legal regulations for au pairs, and you need to make sure that you fully comply with them. When you have chosen a destination country, it is time to find a host family. You can apply for an au pair job through an agency or find one easily yourself on the internet. Aupairnet24 is one of the largest international internet portals supporting au pairs with finding host families worldwide. Aupairnet24 is free, easy to use and provides would-be au pairs with thousands of host families worldwide at their fingertips.